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# Tsongkapa lived in the 14th century A.D. in the Amdo province of Tibet . 

# As,Tsongkhpa was born in Tibet in the middle of the fourteen century and it is said that the tree 
    which overshadowed the house in which he was born had the imprint of a Buddha on its leaves. 

# As predicted earlier by Buddha,he was a monk as an incarnation of Manjushree who is the
    embodiment of wisdom.

# Tsongkapa was Northern Buddhist reformer.He was known as the founder and reformer of Gelugpa 
     sect(monastic order).He found the Gelugpa sect which became very popular in Tibet and has 
     remained the most important sect upto the present day.

# According to the prediction of Lord Buddha,it is believed he was the one.

# He obtained the ordination of monk hood in his early age and commenced to study Buddha's doctrine. 
    He travelled to central Tibet for higher education on Buddha's teachings. He deeply studied both
    Sutra and Tantra for many years. Randawa was his chief teacher, from whom he specially learnt
    Madhyamika philosophy expounded by Nagarjuna .

# He composed many books on Sutra and Tantra in which he tried to explain the importance of  knotted 
    points and emphasized the doctrine of relativity as taught by Lord Buddha .The voidness and relativity
    are the two different faces of the same reality which are the ultimate nature of the phenomenon.

# Dbu Mai Ltava is the main concept of Gelugpa order found by Tsongkhapa.The wisdom of the emptiness is 
     called the central view of Dbu Mai Ltava .It avoids two extreme views, namely Nihilism and externalism.
     Both are the main obstructions in achieving the perfection.These two extreme views can be eradicated 
     through the mediation of Dbu Mai Ltava .  
# His body is radiant white with a reddidh glow.

# The central figure is Tsongkhapa who is flanked by his chief disciples, Gyal Tsab and Khasdup respectively 
     on the right and left.
# He is in preaching(speaking) posture.He holds a flower in his right hand upon which is placed a sword which signifies
     the wisdom to destroy the ignorance.

# He holds again a lotus flower in his left hand upon which is placed the book of wisdom i.e. Sutra.

# He sits upon the sun & the moon on a lotus throne & is crowned with a yellow hat.
# Hence,TsongKapa restored the purity of Buddha's doctrine, revitalized many sutra and tantra lineages 
      and the monastic tradition in Tibet, 

Item Name: TSONKAPA - 01
Item Code: TSKP-01
Size: 74/49 cm
Weight:100 gm approx
Price Detail: $ 480

Note: Please note that the actual color of the thangka displayed may vary due to differences in monitor color depth and its making.The color in the display is very close to the actual color of the Thangka Painting. Dimension measurement ,in fact,excludes the border.

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