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                        PATH OF ENLIGHTENMENT[WAY TO HEAVEN].

# This is a deeply symbolic thanka.

# The texts from which this illustrations are shown , a long period of deep study of full understanding.

# In brief,this is the interpretation of the various symbols.

     1.The path---The way to complete control of one's mind,each blend represents one of the six powers::hearing,
                   contemplation,mindfulness,alertness and familiarity.

     2. The Elephant:consciousness.

     3. The monkey : mental agitation(emotional disturbances).

     4. The Rabbit : fluctuations  of the mind.

     5. The Stick : to control the elephant i.e alertness.

     6. The rope  : in the monk's hand i.e. mindfulness.
   The five objects or causes of mental agitation----
     1.The Silk Scarf-touch.
     3.Water in a conch-scent.
     5.A mirror-form

# The fires represents the struggle for control which reduces through familiarity.After,the final stage
     (in the cave), bliss and ecstasy(a state of elated bliss) are reached using the realization of the
      wisdom of emptiness to banish(drive away) ignorance.

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