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# Bajrayogini is an important & popular goddess.

# The deity Vajrayogini is sixteen years old,radiantly beautiful with a youthful freshness and vitality,
      and her face bears an intense expression reflecting her passionate nature.

# She is red and has three eyes ,symbolizing her ability to see the past,present and future simultaneously.

# In her left hand,she holds a skull cup filled with blood as if she were about to drink from it and in her
      right hand is the kartri,a curved flaying knife marked by a vajra symbolizing the wisdom that cuts
      through the fabrications(construction) of ignorance and blissful clear light consciousness united with wisdom.

# She wears a garland of fifty human skulls.

# she is depicted totally naked signifying that the experience of great  bliss or Mahamudra is free of conceptual thought.

# She is adorned with six kinds of ornaments ,as is usually the case with tantric divinities symbolizing her perfection in
      the six paramitas.

# Her long dishevelled(extremely disorderly)hair flows downward against a flame -filled background symbolizing her unchanging
      nature as dharmakaya.

# Her breasts are full with erect nipples,symbolizing the arousal of desire and also indicates that Vajrayogini helps those  with strong passion to transform it into the realization of Great bliss.

# Beneath the right leg of the deity,is a naked figure on a lotus flower.When the sadhaka invokes a certain deity,the deity appears.