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# Vajrapani,the embodiment of the Buddha's infinite power & is always represented in wrathful form.

# He is always depicted in wrathful aspect.Many people thought that ( due to his terrific image) vajrapani
     belongs to the groups of Dharmapalas(Protectors of the Buddhist doctrine).But,in actual Vajrapani
     belongs to the category of Boddhisattvas.

# Vajrapani is a famous celestial Bodhisattva,he represents the concentrated power of all Buddhas.
     Thus,known as the embodiment of power of Lord Buddha's compassion.

# He is a complex deity with various forms.

# He is the most frequently encountered in his fierce emanation ,in which he is seemed to be powerful
     protector and remover of obstacles.

# It is also said that Vajrapani will become the last Buddha to appear in this world cycle.

# He fights a spiritual battle against the forces of ignorance ,craving(an intense desire) and samsara.

# He is a blue tantric figure that is surrounded mostly by a flamed halo(radiant light) and wears a
     garland of skulls and a wreath(flower arrangements) of sankes and also wears a tiger skin around his waist.

# He is usually depicted in two arms aspect but can be seen in four arms aspect too.

# In art,he is a major Boddhisattva(spiritual hero) ,easily recognized as holding of the vajra in his right hand
     and left hand crosses his stomach, displaying threatening gesture.
# Under each foot,he controls a live snake.

# He has a wide and wild roaring mouth rimmed with lacquered(hard,black) red lips. His eyebrows are like
     the flame and moustache and beard being curled.

# Vajrapani is often depicted with Avalokiteshvara and Manjushri representing Buddha’s power of compassion (Vajrapani),
     the great compassion (Avalokiteshvara) and the great wisdom (Manjushri).

# Vajrapani’s wrathfulness, snake ornament and his pose as warrior all serve to convey the force and vitality of the
     enlightened energy as it combats ignorance, greed, fear and other delusions.

# Vajrapani is said to be the companion Bodhisattva of Buddha Shakyamuni.

# There was  one story about it.As, White Buddha was residing at Gridhkuta hill, the site where Lord Buddha delivered
      Prajnaparamita doctrines. His jealous cousin Devadutt attempted to assassinate(murder) him. He sent huge boulder
      (mass of rocks) rolling down the hill,but just as it was about to hit Buddha, Vajrapani appeared and split the boulder
      into pieces.So that it could fall harmlessly near Buddha.

# Another Story is that a Brahman called Ambattha was abusing Buddha with many vile(unworthy) and impure words.He saw
      Vajrapani appeared in the sky with his wrathful aspect.Terrified with Vajrapani, Brahman Ambattha confessed his
      evil deeds in front of Shakyamuni Buddha.

 # He is also known as the god of rain.

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