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Products In Tsonkapa Chhoskin

                                      TSONKAPA CHHOSKIN.

# This famous painting is known in the Gelugpa tradition as the"assembly tree of Guru Puja".

# Guru Tsonkapa is at the centre in a saffron-robe.

# He has one face,two arms and a radiant white smile.

# His right hand is in the gesture of expounding the dharma and his left hand carried an alms bowl filled with nectar.

# He is drapped with three robes of lustrous saffron and wears the Gelugpa monastic order's gold coloured hat.

# In his heart,we can see all pervading(interpenetrate) lord Bajradhara and his consort.

# Surrounding him in due order are actual and lineage Gurus,Yidams,hosts of mandala deities.....Buddhas,Bodhisattvas,
    Viras,Dakinis and protectors of the teaching.

# From the heart of Lama Tsonkapa,two rays of light go out to the left and right to form a congregation of venerable
     masters from the lineage of Manjushree and Maitreya;;;;these represent the profound wisdom and vast method of
     Buddhist doctrine.

# Just below his seat are four yidam deities namely Yamantaka,Guhyasamaja,chakrasambhara and Heyvajra.

# Below these  yidam, deities are four rows of mandal deities including the eleven faced Aavalokiteshwora.

# Below these are four rows of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.

# Next,a column of dakinis dance around the assembly tree.

# In the last row are the dharmapala or dharma protector deities.On the both sides pf the tree are the Great
  Guardian kings of Director,Dhritarastra,Virudhak,Virupaksa and vaisharavana,ready to afford protection.

# In the clouds on either side of the great Tsonkapa are eight worshipping goddesses.They offer to the assembly
    tree the fine objects of the senses and auspicious symbols .

# At the right corner of the painting appears a disciple offering a mandala of the refuge tree.