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 # Saraswati is mostly worshipped for knowledge and education(learning and wisdom).

 # She has one face and two hands holding vina -a stringed instrument and a book.

 # Her legs are crossed and slightly raised and the vina is placed on her lap.

# She is white in colour,seated on a simply drawn large white lotus.

# Her legs are drawn up in an unusual cross ankled posture with her knees raised,presumably
    a posture for musical performance.

 # She is popular with Buddhist ,Hindus and jains as well.

# The Buddhists regardnher as one of the twenty one emanations of the goddess Tara.

# It is said that she will help his disciples to increase wisdom and eloquence.
   Those who forget the meaning of sentences will immediately get her help in remembering.

# She is usually seated on a lotus seat with one leg pendent,playing vina.

# Since she is primarily associated with Brahma,her vehicle is a swan.

# when she is depicted in four arms form,she holds a book,a vina ,a rosary and a lotus.

# Saraswati is the goddess of learning ,wisdom and music.

#Her popularity spreads far beyond the borders of India to Tibet,China,Korea and Japan.

#Her ornaments are simple and restrained ,but a narrow,dark green scarf creates a flurry
   of movement around the figure.It floats in an arc behind her slightly titled head,then
   winds around her arms and drifts off in a circular maze to left and right.

# The harmony of the worldly and the divine seems to express the Buddhist belief that the
    ordinary and the transcendent(surpassing),samsara and nirvana,are one beautifully balanced reality.