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# Rahula or Rahul, the god of planets, is one of main deities who entered the Buddhist pantheon
    in Tibet and Mongolia via tantric Hinduism and whose nature is widely paradoxical.

# Rahula (born on 534 BC) was the only son of Siddhartha Gautama(Buddha), born shortly before
   the Buddha took his decision to renounce the world.

# Prince Siddhartha was preparing himself to leave the palace.It is claimed  that when he
   received the news of his son's birth he replied Rahu jato, bandhanam jatam — "A rahu is
   born, a fetter has arisen." Accordingly the child was named Rahula,meaning "fetter",or "impediment",
   recognizing that the child could be a tie that bound him to his wife Yashodhara, a binding
   that may impede a search for enlightenment.However,Rahul doesnot mean "fetter" in this sense.
# According to some reliable source,he left home on the very same day.

# The second account,  it is found that Rahula received his name in accordance with an eclipse of
    the moon, caused by the snake Rahu.

# Supporting the first account,the pleasure and joy that a man receives in his wife and children is
    called a "soft fetter" that ties individuals to life and suffering, not just through eventual loss
    and separation of loved ones but more deeply and subtly may act as ties to cyclic existence (samsara).

# In Japanese, he is called Ragora.

# Rahula was raised by his mother and grandfather, King Suddhodana.When he was seven years old,Rahula
    requested his father to return home as he was missing him badly.After his enlightenment (bodhi),
    the Buddha returned to his home town,Kapilavastu.

# On the seventh day of his return, Yasodhara took Rahula to see his father, the Buddha.
    She told Rahula that since his father had renounced the palace life and as he was the next royal
    prince in line,he should ask his father for his inheritance of crown and treasure for his future
    sake when his grandfather would no longer rule the kingdom.

# After the meal, Rahula followed the Buddha, saying "Give me my inheritance."Nobody tried to stop him,
    nor did the Buddha prevent him from following him.He then looked at his father and said, "Lord, even
    your shadow is pleasing to me.

# After reaching Buddha's staying place,he thought that he should give him the benefit of his spiritual
    Enlightenment and make him an owner of a transcendental inheritance."

# The Buddha called Venerable(holyman) Sariputra and asked him to ordain(issue an order) little Rahula
    who became the first Samanera (novice monk)(beginner one).

# Shortly after Rahula's ordination(the act of receiving holy orders) the Buddha taught him the importance
    of telling the truth.This discourse is known as the Rahuloveda Sutra.The Buddha placed truth as the highest
    of all virtues.The seekers of Truth, (those who have as their goal) should not break the precept of Truth.

# Rahula subsequently became one among the many arhants through following the Buddha's teachings.

# Rahula died before the Buddha,Sariputra and moggallana.

# The Dharma Protector or he is also a demonic figure, the beater of illness and the swallower of the sun and
    moon during eclipses.

# Rahul has a snake body with a large, gaping mouth in his belly, which emits an effluvium of illness.

# Body is smoky grey in colour.

# He has four arms & one thousands flaming eyes.

# His nine stacked horrible heads are crowned with flaming hair and the head of a raven, who guards religious
    teachings and whose shadows was believed to cause apoplexy(stroke).

# Rahul leans back to draw his bow and shoot an arrow into the heart of anyone who breaks his religious vows.

# Rahul has arisen out of the pure land of fire & infinite ferocity.