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                                 MEDICINE  BUDDHA

# Medicine Buddha represents a Transcendent (or Cosmic) Buddha's ability to express
    himself as a healing medicine for the benefit of ailing(sickly) beings.

# Medicine Buddha is renowned as the king among medicines because of its effectiveness
    in treating both mental and physical diseases.

# In other words,the Medicine Buddha is the embodiment of all the Buddhas' healing
    qualities, associated with healing both physical and mental suffering.He can overcome
    inner sickness of attachment ,hatred and ignorance.

# He is also known as healing Buddha.

# The colour of his body is deep blue which symbolises that he accepts all the
    diseases and sickness of sufferings.
# Besides this, the deep blue light has a healing effect on those who use it in visualization practices.

# His right hand rests upon his knee with palm facing outward in the mudra of granting blessings
    and holds a stem of medicinal plant named,'Myrobalan' and his left hand in the meditation mudra ,
    resting on his lap holds a 'lapis lazuli pindapatra' (bowl) containing medicines.He wears a monastic robes.

# He is said to dispense spiritual medicine when properly worshipped.It is even believed that an efficacious cure may be accomplished by either meditating or  merely touching the image as well.

# The main principles are   : eliminating sickness from all living beings.
                            : making them feel convenient and happy to attain buddha hood.
                            : liberating beings from disasters and calamities.

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