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# Manjushree is the embodiment of the characteristics of Enlightened Mind.

# Manjushree is an ancient Buddha who vowed to emanate throughout the universe as
    always youthful,princely Bodhisattwa of Transcedent Wisdom.

# His special purpose is to lead the audiences of the Buddha in the inquiry into
    the shelf,to discover the true nature of reality.

# He is found to be seated on the lotus throne in a lalita or playful posture
    holding a blooming lotus that supports a volume of the prjnaparamita  Sutra
    in his left hand and a  flaming double-edged sword of analytic discrimination,
    which cuts through all delusions in his right hand.

# His body is yellowish and appears very handsome and young.
    Manjushree has the ability to see the nature of reality as it is.

# Wisdom is the most honoured virtue in Buddhism,called the Mother of all Buddhas,
    since only wisdom makes possible the great bliss of total freedom from all suffering
    that is the goal of all living beings.Thus,Manjushree is one of the most important of
    all Buddhist deities,the veritable(authentic)god of wisdom and herald (acclaim)of

# In fact,a perfect Buddha who vowed to emanate all over the universe as a Bodhisattwa to
    put the hard questions of the  Buddhas on the topics of voidness,freedom,and the nature
    of the self.

# In short,he is known as god of divine wisdom.

# He has many name such as Manjuvajra, Manjughosa, Vagishvara, Arpacana, etc.

# In Mahayana Buddhist tradition, he is regarded as having supreme wisdom among Bodhisattvas.

# He is also called prince of the Dharma because of his eloquent(expression) wisdom.

# Manjushree draws on the boundless life of ultimate voidness or freedom.

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