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                            MAITREYA BUDDHA

# He is known as future Buddha ,the one to follow up the historical Buddha.

# He is represented as sitting figure on the throne with legs hanging down and adorned with rich ornaments holding
   the stalk of a lotus in his right hand.

# His body is of yellow colour.

# He waits in the Tushita heaven for the moment he is to appear on the earth as the Buddha of the fifth world cycle.

# At present,he is considered as one of the Dhyani Bodhisattvas,the creators of the universe.

# In the future,he will be like Shakyamuni a mortal manusi Buddha,who lives on the earth for a while in order to teach mankind the doctrine.

# Maitreya" the loving one", is widely worshipped in the Himalayan regions,

# One of the characteristics of Buddha Maitreya is in seated posture(BHADRASANA).This posture of benevolence,with both legs pendant,resting
   on a small support looks like the European sitting posture.

# He holds both his hands in front of his heart is dharmakaya mudra,the gesture of turning and preaching the wheel of the Buddhist law.

# Maitreya is depicted with an urna(third eye) on his forehead,elongated earlobes and an ushnisaya on the top of his thick curly hair.

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