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Products In Kalachakra Mandala

                         KALACHAKRA MANDALA


# Kalachakra is a sanskrit word for "wheel of Time"

# Kalachakra Mandala has 3 major squares and corresponding entrance gates.

# Mandala is a tantric meditation device.

# It represents transcendent experience of enlightened awareness.

# It is the symbol of the union of wisdom & compassion.Actually symbolises the body and mind of Buddha.

# The six concentric circles that surround Kalachakra's square palace represent the six constituencies.
   From the innermost to the outermost circle are the elements of earth ,water,fire ,wind,space and wisdom.

# The mandala of Kalachakra symbolizes the entire universe (outer Kalachakra) in terms of planets &
   time cycles,as well as aspects of our body & mind(inner Kalachakra) and even the practice (other Kalachakra ).

# One strives of visualizing the complete mandala including all its deities and ornaments in perfect detail within
   the size of tiny drop to practice single pointed concentration.

  • Kalachakra Mandala-15Kalachakra Mandala-15Item Code:KCM-15
  • Kalachakra Mandala-14Kalachakra Mandala-14Item Code:KCM-14
  • Kalachakra Mandala-13Kalachakra Mandala-13Item Code:KCM-13
  • Kalachakra Mandala-12Kalachakra Mandala-12Item Code:KCM-12
  • Kalachakra Mandala-11Kalachakra Mandala-11Item Code:KCM-11
  • Kalachakra Mandala-10Kalachakra Mandala-10Item Code:KCM-10
  • Kalachakra Mandala-09Kalachakra Mandala-09Item Code:KCM-09
  • Kalachakra Mandala-08Kalachakra Mandala-08Item Code:KCM-08
  • Kalachakra Mandala-07Kalachakra Mandala-07Item Code:KCM-07
  • Kalachakra Mandala-06Kalachakra Mandala-06Item Code:KCM-06
  • Kalachakra Mandala-05Kalachakra Mandala-05Item Code:KCM-05
  • Kalachakra Mandala-04Kalachakra Mandala-04Item Code:KCM-04
  • Kalachakra Mandala-03Kalachakra Mandala-03Item Code:KCM-03
  • Kalachakra Mandala-02Kalachakra Mandala-02Item Code:KM-0002
  • Kalachakra Mandala-01Kalachakra Mandala-01Item Code:KCM-01