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Products In Guru Padmasambhava


# Padmasambhava meaning "the lotus Born",was a sage guru from Uddiyana,in ancient India, who is said to have transmitted
    Vajrayana Buddhism to Bhutan,Tibet  and neighbouring countries in the 8th century A.D.

# Padmasambhava is popularly known as Guru Rinpoche.

# He is a well known powerful Tantric Buddhist Master.

# With his miraculaous powers,he taught many disciples who also became perfect masters of Tantric Buddhism.

# He subdued(controlled) many harmful spirits and the forces that hindered the spread of the teachings of Buddha Shakyamuni.

# He is said to have twenty five great disciples who were instrumental in preserving the sacred teachings of Lord Buddha
    to the present day.

# His body is  golden in colour.His complexion is white with a pinkish hue(coloured).

# He is found to be attired in a gown,a monastric robe and a brocade cap.

# He has one face,two arms and seated in the posture of a king.

# He holds a vajra sceptre(ceremonial staff) in his right hand and his left hand holds a skull cup containing a vase of immortality.
   In the curve of his left arm is his divine consort of bliss and emptiness in the form of the Khatvang Trident.

# His hat is red.He wears robes of different colours,symbolizing his enlightened experiences and attainments.

# His inner garment is white symbolizing the clear light aspect of the mind and his outer garment is red showing  that he has
    great compassion for all sentient beings.His outermost coat is brown ,symbolizing his renunciation(rejecting as invalid).

# He is further  as an  emanation (radiation) of Buddha Amitabha.

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