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 # Chakrasambhara is an ecstatic(delight) union  with his consort vajravarahi.

 # Chakrasambhara is also regarded as manifestation of heyvajra who is
     the central figure of as esoteric culture ,the Vajrayana Buddhism.

 # Shamvara is typically depicted with a deep blue in body colour ,four
     faces & 12 arms,embracing his consort vajravarahi in the Yab-Yum position.

 # Vajravarahi is bright red in colour.

 # Sambhara and consort are not to be thought of as two different entities,as an ordinary
    husband and wife are two different people.

 # In reality,their divine embrace is a metaphor for the union of that wisdom & compassion
    or great  bliss and emptiness, are indivisible in the enlightened state or the same essence.

 # Chakrasambhara belongs to the Heruka family of the Anuttara Yoga Tantra,following his meditational path
     will be the practitioner to the bliss of supreme enlightenment.

 # Garlands of fresh several heads symbolize his victory over ego-grasping & self cherishing(be fond of).

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