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# Sutras in which Shakyamuni expounds the glories of Sukhavati,the Pure Lands, speak of the presiding Buddha
  sometimes as Amitabha and sometimes as Amitayus.

# We can find little differences between Amitabha and Amitayu.Indeed Amitabha resembles for infinite light but
   Amitayu resembles for infinite life.

# When depicted as Amitayus, he is depicted in fine clothes and jewels.

# Amitayu is particularly associated with longevity of life.
# He is mostly depicted sitting in a meditative posture  and holding a vessel in his hands containing the nectar of immortality.

# Amitayu  is also one of the three deities of long life (Amitayus, White Tara & Ushnishavijaya) .

# Amitayu ,so means "he whose life is boundless".
# The image of the gold colored statue in the article of Amitayus is that as  he is wearing a 5 pointed crown,which is the easiest
  way to distinguish Amitayu from the Amitabha.                 

# Amitayu is also named infinite life Buddha which is the incarnation of Amitabha Buddha..

# The meaning of infinite is countless which is as same as without boundary.
# The ruby red bodied Buddha is as similar to that of Amitabha.

# When not depicted alone, Amitabha is often portrayed with two assistants: Avalokitesvara on the right and Mahasthamaprapta on the left.