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Products In Amitabha


# The Tibetan vision of Amitabha is the Buddha of Boundless light,Sukhavati the Blissful
   which is also called the Pure Land.

# Amitabha Buddha, who is also called Amita or Amida Buddha, probably is the best known
   ancient Buddha of among the Dhyani Buddhas.

# In long-time ago, Amitabha was a king who renounced his kingdom to become a monk called
   Dharmakara Bodhisattva. The monk  was practiced diligently for five eons(an immeasurably long period of time)
   and realized enlightenment and became a buddha.

# He is seated in a meditative posture on a luscious pink lotus with a pale green cushion on a moon disc.

# Palms of two hands  are rested on the lap facing upward , touching two thumbs with each other which
   holds a medicant's bowl ,filled with elixir(a sweet flavoured liquid) food.

# His red body symbolises the fires of desire.

# When depicted as Amitabha, he is depicted as simple monk's clothing.

# He represents the unity of wisdom and mercy.

# His symbol is a lotus which represents purity and the gentleness.

# He is known as "The Buddha of Infinite light".

# He represents the cosmic element of "Sanjana" (name). His vehicle is the peacock.

# When represented on the stupa, he always faces toward west.

# He is worshiped thinking that one can have salvation(saving from evil). Sometimes he holds a Patra on the same posture.

# Consequently, the name is to be interpreted as "he who possesses light without bound, he whose splendor is infinite."