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# Chyangresi  is the Bodhisattwa of infinite love, kindness and compassion for all beings.

# Next to the historical Buddha,he is probably the  most revered of all Buddhist figures.

# He is one of the Three Protectors of Beings, which have the Padma or Lotus family.

# In a sitting position, he is most often seen in two-armed and four-armed embodiments.
   In his two-armed form, he usually sits in the full lotus posture.The two arms represent his unfailing skillful means and wisdom.
# He has four arms.His first hands are pressed together on wish fulfilling jewel at his heart
   supplicating all buddha and bodhisattwas to look after sentient beings and protect them from suffering.
   His four-armed form, sitting in the full lotus posture represents the four boundless qualities of a bodhisattva:
   equanimity, love, compassion and joy.

# His other hand holds a crystal rosary symbolizing his ability to liberate being from samsara with ideal means 
   and reminding the practitioner to recite his six -syllable mantra",OM MANI PAD ME HUM".

# In his left hand, he holds the stem of utpala flower symbolizing  his stainless and compassionate  bodhichitta motivation.

# He is  most often depicted white in color but sometimes red, symbolizing his passionate concern for beings

# In short,it symbolises infinite compassion,so known as god of compassion.

# Through his sharing of the positions himself to help those in distress and is considered a saviour.Saviour and protector from danger
    so called as god of protection.

# The mantra" OM MANI  PAD ME HUM" is interpreted as follows..........through the blessing of Guru Avalokiteswara 
    and the combined practice of method and wisdom,our ordinary body,speech and mind are transformed and we attain 
    the full enlightenment of the five Buddha families.

# He is one of the Three Protectors of Beings, which have the Padma or Lotus family.

Item Name: CHYANGRESI -08
Item Code: CH -08
Size: 61/45 cm
Weight:100gm approx
Price Detail: $ 525

Note: Please note that the actual color of the thangka displayed may vary due to differences in monitor color depth and Its making.The color in the display is very close to the actual color of the Thangka Painting. Dimension measurement ,in fact,excludes the border.

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