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Buddha Life-3

                                                    THE LIFE OF BUDDHA.
#     In the central part of this modern thangka painting,Buddha Shakyamuni is seen meditating in the "earth touching "gesture on a lotus throne with a modern silkcloth with a visvavajra mark on it.He is flanked by two of hos disciples namely Sariputra and Maudgalyayana.His face seems very serene and his body emitting auras surrounding his body.He is holding an alms bowl with his left hand on the lap.Over the top of his head a parasol is placed,hanging against the background of the Bodhi tree.

#On the left corner of the painting ,Queen Maya Devi in her palace bed is having a dream in which a white elephant is seen descending from Tushita heaven and this has entered into her womb from her right side.

#Just below this queen Maya Devi is standing in the Salbhanjika posture holding the branch of a Plaksa tree and delivering baby Siddhartha from her right armpit.The god Brahma is holding a bodhisattva is accompanied by two devas.Two celestial fairies carrying flowers are welcoming Lady Mayadevi.She is wearing rich garments,befitting  a queen.Her face shows no signs of the pain labour.

#Just below the painting,baby Siddhartha can be seen making his great announcement that he is the one who has conquered the temptations of the Buddhist "Temptor",Mara ,and that this is his last birth.He makes this bold statement with his index finger raised ,as he stepped upon a lotus.

# Below this,Prince Siddhartha is shown with his charioteer Chandaka taking a chariot beyond the palace walls.Along the journey ,he came across pain,sorrow,grief,death and on those suffering he saw a beggar,a cripple,a corpse and a holy man.These characteristic visions formed the basis of Prince siddhartha's great renunciation.

#Yet on another panel just below this prince siddhartha,oppressed by the sorrow and tribulation he saw,is in the condition of discarding princely garments and the ornaments of royalty,seen near a stupa.Siddhartha is cutting his hair as the initiation of his vow to become a monk.His charioteer and horse are seen crying at the left side of the painting.

#At the bottom pannel of the painting the Bodhisattva siddhartha is seen practicing his austerities for six years,his body emaciated like a skeleton.Celestial damsels are seen dancing trying to disturb his meditation.

#  On far right corner of the painting Bodhisatttva Siddhartha is seen receiving sweet rice pudding from a girl.After taking this food ,Siddhartha is seen having attained Perfect enlightenment from his profound meditation under the Bodhi Tree.Devas and human beings are seen offering the eight auspicious symbols after his perfect Enlightenment.
# He is seen turning the wheel of dharma for the first time preaching to his five disciples on Four Noble Truths.

# At the top right corner of the painting ,Buddha is seen reclining in his death bed attaining his Great Parinirvana.The devotees and devas are seen crying at the death of Buddha.

Item Name: Buddha Life-3
Item Code: BDL-03
Size: 50 x 65 cm approx
Weight:100 gm approx
Price Detail: $180

Note: Please note that the actual colors of the thangka displayed may vary due to differences in monitor color depth and make. The color in the display is as close as to the actual colors of the Thangka Painting. Dimension measured are excluding the borders.

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